Studying in Germany

Why Study in Germany

Germany a Popular Destination

Germany as a higher education destination happens to be popular among the international students community. As a result the present research study conducted by  Ausländische Studierende in Deutschland “supported the Federal Ministry of Education with Research.

Increase in number of international students

Germany attracts huge number of international students and about 40% of Indian students plan to study in Germany compared to just a mere 10% back in 2012. The numbers are growing every year.

International students in Germany

Its important to realize that among the total number of international students studying Germany around 25% of them enroll in Master’s Program and 13% enroll for PhD programs. As a matter of fact, most of the students enrolled for master’s program are studying engineering subjects and the rest are in culture and language studies.  About 24% are continuing mathematics and science 19%.  

Advantages of Studying in Germany

Majority of the students are content by the living conditions and the quality of education offered in German universities. Furthermore, the biggest attraction for international students focusing at Germany is the standard of education and its lees or no tuition fees advantage. International students studying in Germany are ready recommend studying in Germany to their friend and relatives.

Studying in Germany- Living Conditions

However Dormitory is by far the popular choice for students housing in contrast to other countries. This can sometimes get a little stuffy but the student are happy adjusting as there is no tuition fee charged by the institution and all of them get financial support from parents. The laws allow Students to indulge in part time jobs alongside their education.

Studying in Germany conclusion

By and large, when compared with other countries for higher education, Germany is one of the better choices and it gives great platform to all international students and has good job opportunities and stay back alternatives

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