IELTS Training in adyar

IELTS Training Adyar

IELTS Strategies

Strategy 1: Know the structure of all the modules before the exam day

Plan for the IELTS exam sections wise, this approach is mandatory to achieve a high IELTS Score. ScoreGetter course material will give you all the important techniques that require predicting what will come your way on the examination. A proper preparation practice will help you be calm and focused on the examination day. Following the tips provided by ScoreGetter will help you achieve this.

Read and understand directions, as with will help you give the precise answers and will help you avoid careless errors. This strategy is highly helpful in the listening and reading sections. In both these sections, the questions types and answer numbers vary from question to question. Slow reading will help better understanding.

Knowing the instructions of all the 4 sections will help you get a high score on the exam day. Know the format of the speaking interview and the linguistic structure expected by the examiner in the writing section will help you get extra time for yourself. At ScoreGetter Adyar branch, the expert trainers will provide you with a lot of practice, mock exams and high-scoring strategies to boost your score.

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Strategy 2:Concentration on challenging questions first.

Moreover, on an average, all candidates that attempt IELTS exam target a score of band 7. Based on your current level of English at ScoreGetter Adyar center, the trainer will give you all the inputs, strategies and the time and effort you need put each day on the preparation.

To get an idea of your current level of English, trainer at ScoreGetter Adyar will give you an assessment test similar to the IELTS exam. This assessment test will demonstrate your current level of English, sections you are strong and weak. Scoring better on the reading is normal as most of the students find this easy, the most challenging section they feel is writing as grammar plays a major role here.

Do not ignore sections you are weak in. Put in more effort on the harder sections. practice more and more until you get comfortable with all the 4 sections. Work on your vocabulary and grammar as this will help boost your score.
Give equal importance to all the 4 section while you preparation as each section score is very important. You must target 7 in all the sections.

IELTS training in Adyar

Strategy 3: Stick to your study plan

At IELTS training Adyar ScoreGetter, after the assessment test is over ,your trainer at ScoreGetter IELTS training Adyar center will give you a study plan. This study plan will keep you on track, keeping you current English language level in mind without disturbing you present work/college schedule. Sticking by this study plan is necessary to get the best out of you on the IELTS exam day. The need of the hour will be practice, both active and the passive practice.

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