A Complete Guidebook: Learn all about GRE and GMAT

If you are a young student who has completed graduation and looking for higher studies options abroad, then you must know all about GRE and GMAT and the steps associated with it. If you plan your future steps well in advance, you will reach your goals faster and in a more systematic manner.

Advantage GRE and GMAT

Interested in pursuing of higher education abroad, then you need to qualify a basic test. The GRE and GMAT are the two most popular tests which students all over the world undergo to get into their dream universities. If you are one of them and confused about which one will be more fruitful for you, then this quick guide will help you clear your doubts. Read along and you will find answers to all that you have been searching for.

Know What You Want

There is a basic difference between these two examinations and it is very important to know what kind of program you are looking for so you can take your work forward accordingly. Universities require GRE test score for admission to any masters of Science program while GMAT score is best for admission seekers in business schools.

GMAT for would-be business experts

If you are clear in your head and know all about GRE and GMAT, you want to go for an MBA in a reputed business school abroad then you need to prepare for GMAT. All business schools accept GMAT scores and you need to work hard to get on the top lead. GRE poses a more general scene where all graduate schools accept GRE scores. If you are looking for any other course other than business and management, then you should go for GRE.

GRE scores are important for B-Schools

However, nowadays there are certain business schools who are also accepting GRE scores. You should make a list of schools you are aiming for and look out for their specifications. You must work accordingly and sit for the required examinations according to your goals or dream universities. The examination fees for these tests are moderate, plan properly before applying for any of them.

Scoring Pattern on the GRE Exam

The GRE and GMAT more or less follow a similar scoring system with many sections overlapping with each other but there are certain differences too that you need to watch out for. The GRE comprises 3 sections which are the quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and verbal reasoning. In GRE there is a research-based section of 20 questions focusing on verbal section. You will not know which section is the one. This section will not carry a score. The analytical section will require you to write two essays as this will test your skill to pen down your thoughts together. You will only have 30 minutes to write all the essays down so make sure you make every second count.

All the sections have the score range of 0-6 which increases in half points. The scores of all the sections are separate and not in a single score so you know your strong and weak points. It also makes the task easier for the school to which you are applying for.

Scoring pattern for GMAT

The GMAT scoring pattern ranges from 200 to 800 and is an addition on Verbal and quantitative section. The GMAT exam has an additional integrated reasoning section. However, you need to write only one essay for the analytical section whereas in GRE you need to write two. Both the tests have an adaptive feature of examination.

Test Adaptivity

The one question given to you will be of a certain level of difficulty and how you respond to it will determine what the difficulty level of the next question will be. But for GRE they do this process running a whole section at first and then deciding the difficulty level of the next section. In GMAT the adaptive feature is with each question.

Accord to dreams

There are many things in common between the two major tests but you need to decide which one will be beneficial for you keeping in mind your goals. Prepare well for whichever test you need to and come out with flying colors! Join ScoreGetter, Kaplan Certified Education Provider for India and get trained by the world leader in test prep. Talk to our experts and know all about GRE and GMAT course and exam details.

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