Unless English is your first language, GRE Verbal reasoning is a tough section for many. The 1 Attempt, Dubai classes focus mainly on this section as English is a foreign language for most students in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The GRE Verbal section is important in achieving a high overall score. Given below are few tips to improve GRE Verbal reasoning scores:

    1. Improve your vocabulary: A strong vocabulary ensures good scores. The 1Attempt GRE Study Material is comprehensive and more than amply covers all the possible words that one can encounter on the actual test.
    2. Understand the language used The verbal reasoning section contains passages from various subjects. The text completion exercises are complicated and bit sophisticated. To crack the questions, one needs to first understand the GRE approach to reading and comprehension. 1 Attempt GRE Study Material has many practice questions that help the student consolidate his/her understanding and the level of questions tested in the verbal reasoning section.
    3. Learn Pacing: While solving GRE verbal reasoning, one might get stuck with difficult question wasting several minutes to solve and still be unsuccessfully. At Eduquest Abu Dhabi (1 Attempt Abu Dhabi) one can learn several approaches to develop a sense of pacing through practice tests and the classroom exercises.
    4. Know the reason behind right and wrong in GRE verbal reasoning more than knowing just words one needs to recognize the prefix/root/suffix of words to take an “educated guess” and therefore arrive at the correct answer confidently. One needs to distinguish between the right and wrong responses and know the reason why. On learning this approach with 1 Attempt GRE faculties, the distracter words will never create a doubt in the student’s mind.

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