Life in a developed country has been an aspiration for many Indians. Every year, we witness thousands of students departing to states to pursue their masters, lucky techies who win the H1B lottery and even educated women going to U.S on a dependent H4 visa. But going abroad at the age of 18 or 19, just after completing high school is something cool. The only solution to this overwhelming opportunity is the NEW SAT Exam.

NEW SAT exam tests the basic vocabulary and quantitative skills of a student, making sure that the student is eligible for a college education. While English vocabulary is not a big deal for a kid who has English as a first language, it has been a challenging task over the years for Indian aspirants. Vocabulary and quantitative skills cannot be developed overnight and it has to be developed at the grass root level. Our Indian education is known for preparing the students for a rat race, only aiming the final grades or percentage, without giving much importance to the process, which is learning. There might be students who get 500/500 in boards but they might not even answer a basic vocabulary question. The reason is knowledge comes with exposure to the world and not only books.

English books of CBSE or state board syllabus might have quality prose, poetry and non-details. But our students are known for memorizing only the important questions without even giving a read to the prose or poetry. Teachers have to make students study the entire story and give thought provoking assignments in order to make them think out-of-the-box. Students should also be made to read The Hindu so that they can develop their vocabulary along with getting a vast knowledge about current affairs. Assignments must be given to read the Editorial and Perspective pages of the Hindu where the vocabulary is of high standards. The Hindu also organizes many young readers’ contests where school kids are given a list of books and asked to write a summary on those. Schools can add this into their rule book by making this initiative compulsory instead of adding some illogical stringent rules. The Spelling Bee contest is also a wonderful initiative which makes kids swim across a vast ocean of vocabulary. This makes NEW SAT aspirants get a good score in sentence completion, essay writing and critical reading sections.

Mathematics is also a quite challenging section in NEW SAT Exam. CBSE and ICSE syllabus have a competitive level of mathematics while state board syllabus is yet to improve where the students can tell the answer by just seeing the question in the question paper. Schools can initiate a tie-up with abacus institutes and make abacus a compulsory extra-curricular activity. This triggers the quantitative ability of the kids and improves the way they think about a problem. Especially abacus centres teaches solving problems by visualization which improves the speed and problem solving capacity of the kids. Teachers must cease to provide important questions before an examination so that the students get no other choice than to practice every problem in the book from cover to cover. If these solutions are followed, it will give the students a greater edge in speed and accuracy while solving problems which sums up to 800 marks.

Solutions can be provided, schools might accept those and make it an initiative but it is up to every student to succeed in NEW SAT exam. Resources are available everywhere and to everybody but the one who uses those precisely succeeds. Managing school exams and NEW SAT preparations is difficult, but not impossible. When a student loses interest in preparation, he must think why he started it. That brings his aspirations to study abroad in his mind and motivates him to prepare.


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