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ScoreGetter GMAT Coaching in Chennai.

The ScoreGetter GMAT program provides the most effective, up-to-date Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) preparation assessment classes in Chennai, (India) and back them with our determination in making sure of your personal success on the exam.

We do not regard the GMAT as just another examination. We realize that the GMAT is a serious investment which could yield bountiful returns in the future career of the student in the form of scholarships and grants. We realize that the GMAT is a passport to a bright future and therefore ScoreGetter-Chennai orients all its activities to ensure that the students return with solid scores in the GMAT.

ScoreGetter GMAT Course offers intensive & complete contact classes along with online resources with online full length tests designed by experts in the USA for GMAT Preparation. The ScoreGetter GMAT Preparation course covers  classroom training. The Program is designed to give you the advantage for getting a high score on the GMAT Test using proven Strategies. The GMAT coaching class program is a 10 weeks, a combination of in person classroom training, Strategies workshop, online resources and practice questions and full lenght tests. Both weekdays and weekend options are available. Class timings are scheduled after college hours to make it convenient for students.

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ScoreGetter’s Proven Test-Taking Techniques

Our well experienced dynamic GMAT course instructors deal with successful test-taking techniques. We carefully evaluate all topics included in the Examination. In the program, every student will be subjected to a number of approaches, strategies and questions which consist of:

  • In-depth view of all GMAT math principles & concepts
  • Critical reading of verbal reasoning passages
  • Productive diagramming techniques
  • Useful math problem solving methods
  • Drawing suitable inferences and deductions
  • Synthesizing principles and ideas
  • Studying to recognize wrong answer types in GMAT questions
  • Creating obvious and concise GMAT essays working with effective construction
  • Doing work strategically under strict timing circumstances
  • Establishing a successful personal GMAT research plan

Our Gifted, Proficient and Expert GMAT Course Instructors

Our effectively built course curriculum is interactive and taught by seasoned instructors who present continuity in the training procedure while you progress from one challenging level to the next.

ScoreGetter maintains the highest parameters for all our instructors. We hire and extensively educate only the most competent instructors who definitely have not only scored in the very best 2% of all GMAT exam-takers but who also have a long time of distinguished instructing experience.

At the end of every single GMAT prep course, our students are requested to judge and review our educating personnel. They convey to us that they find our GMAT instructors approachable, really knowledgeable, and capable of solving complicated material inside a dynamic, valuable, and artistic fashion which facilitates studying & understanding.

Members of our tutoring faculty include ex-IITians & IIM’s and are proven experts in the subjects they handle. Subject expertise plus copious experience make an unbeatable combination. Since we maintain small class sizes, our staff will get to know you and work to help you achieve the best score possible. All our students are, thus, assured of learning techniques that have been proven to be successful.

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ScoreGetter GMAT course content & overview

Quantitative Reasoning

GMAT Course Overview, Math Overview, Math Basics Refresher, Formulas & Functions, Problem Solving, Additional Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency, Math Review, Math Skill Tests (Level 1 to Level 6) under strict timed conditions.

Verbal reasoning

GMAT Course Overview, Verbal Overview, Grammar Refresher, Critical Reasoning Techniques, Sentence Correction Techniques, Reading Comprehension Techniques, Critical Reasoning Practice Questions, Sentence Correction Practice Questions, Reading Comprehension Practice Questions, Verbal Review, Essay Writing Overview, Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Skill Tests (Level 1 to Level 6) under strict timed conditions.
Exam Writing Strategies, General GMAT Review and Questions
10 Full Length Tests

Integrated Reasoning

The Integrated Reasoning (IR) section has been causing a number of sleepless nights for the GMAT aspirants. With the all so predictable ‘Analysis of an issue’ essay replaced by some unpredictable and new question types, there is no doubt about the fact that the IR has made the GMAT tougher. Personally, at ScoreGetter we feel that the section has been beautifully crafted with very interesting questions wherein aspirants have to use both quantitative and verbal reasoning in conjunction to solve problems.

At ScoreGetter students will be thought how to tackle the IR section with our unique 6 Steps approach that we have developed especially for the IR section.

GMAT exam fees
GMAT exam fees

ScoreGetter GMAT Course Material

In an effort to expose you to the most recent test questions and format, GMAT checks will probably be taken up in class. Our GMAT course materials are continuously up dated to replicate the newest modifications in the Test. Thus, you will be able to consider your own strengths and weaknesses (whether in the mathematics, verbal, integrated reasoning, or essay sections of the test) and target all those areas and concerns where you will need the most practice. We stand firmly behind our whole immersion method of exam preparation.

The material is organized and engaging with emphasis on GMAT strategies to answer every point of test question and make the student more confident in his test taking abilities. By providing the best preparation we help you exceed your target score by leaps and bounds.

Our Commitment To You

ScoreGetter delivers excellence in test preparation at an affordable value. When requested To judge our courses, in excess of ninety eight% of our students say they would recommend us to their friends. We offer highest quality instruction for student who want to invest into their future plan.. Our intention is to help help you obtain an impressive GMAT test score. Considering that 1999 onwards, we have effectively well prepared countless learners to write the GMAT Examination.

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Convenient Weekend Review Schedule

Our extensive weekend study course lets you concentrate in an ambiance away from distractions and interruptions. Our test preparation course cost is very reasonable compared to what others charge in the industry.

Online Resources

We also provide plenty of test-taking practice and Real Test Experience. Seats in our air-conditioned computer section need not be booked well in advance. We understand the importance of allowing students to take tests at short notice and our faculty members are always at hand to help clarify the doubts that students encounter.


Our library is another attraction. All the latest editions of reference books and guides are made available to students. Students can use our library or take books home too.

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