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I’ve been training the GRE for a many years. The below is encouraged by the many gatherings I’ve had with students, all most all of them have move on to do extremely well on the GRE Exam. What I am going to talk below is specific to the revised GRE which was implemented by the ETS on August 2011

1. Use official material + Barron’s + ScoreGetter Material
When organizing for the GRE, the best book I recommend is first going through the ETS the official guide to cracking the GRE and the next is the Barron’s GRE preparation book. As far as my experience Barron’s is the closest you can get to the real GRE questions that appear on the GRE. ScoreGetter prepares you on the GRE based on the Barron’s pattern of learning for the GRE at ScoreGetter is the certified partner for Barron’s.
There are many publishers with books that give you content that is much tougher that the GRE and you will have to study much harder and apply greater logic to crack these questions but will never have to apply the same on the GRE test day. This is a problematic situation that many students come across when using Kaplan books.

  1. Take practice tests
    The best way to gain greater confidence to face the GRE on the test day is to take mock tests as many as you can. I would recommend taking at least 10 to a maximum of 15 mock tests. Enroll for the ScoreGetter GRE mock tests and you will get 15 GRE full length mock test to work with and similar interface to the actual exam.

You will get yourself accustomed to sit through for 3 plus hours and looking at the screen and using you skills to the maximum.
If further time permits use the official test by the ETS. Even though these tests are form the marks of the GRE tests the ETS GRE tests are rather simple and do not really reflect the GRE exam difficulty level. Stumble through these tests for about a month.

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3. Focus on weaknesses
Always when studying for the GRE do not work on areas that you are already strong at, look into the weaker sections that you face difficulty with and spend some time with the ScoreGetter GRE trainer at Chennai to guide you through the strategies to get stronger on the weaker areas. If not enrolled in a GRE training center in Chennai immediately get in touch with the ScoreGetter GRE coaching center in Chennai and get details on the enrollment process and get started with your preparation. Many student try and avoid Data interpretation questions as that the section with all the graphs and its very important that you do well in the Data Interpretation section and the least you should do is avoid. Instead put it first on the list and work on that as much as you can.

4. Use the best material
ScoreGetter is clearly the best Coaching center in Chennai for the GRE. ScoreGetter provides you with the best facilities on the GRE training along with the GRE Flash Cards.
While ScoreGetter material and preparation on the GRE is clearly the best prep out there, it provides the most effective strategies. Don’t waste your time looking at other published books as you may get confused. Just stick by ScoreGetter Barron’s material and the practice tests that they provide. As it covers precise strategies for virtually every part of the GRE—from combinations to complicated paragraph and Essays

A lot of unnecessary material is available and most of it should be avoided.

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