GRE Reading Comprehension Strategies

Reading Comprehension question you will face in every competitive examination you may take any time in your life. Coming out of school is not the end of reading comprehension.  If you are planning to take the GRE, then get ready to face the GRE Reading Comprehension strategies questions in a more advanced and deeper scenario.

On the GRE you will face 20 reading comprehension questions, each section wil have 10 reading comprehension questions.  The time allotted for the 2 sections of Reading Comprehension sections is 30 minutes.

In the reading comprehension you need to read the passage and answer questions related to the passage, The questions will be of three types.

Regular Multiple Choice – You will have to choose the right answer based on the question asked.

Multiple Answer– Here you will have to choose all the appropriate statements from the three statements choices.

Select in passage– From the passage you will need to identify the sentence that best suits the criteria.

The motive of reading comprehension questions is to look for best matching situation in the passage and evaluating the situation.

On the GRE Reading Comprehension you can expect passages from varied topics from academics to general knowledge and political scenarios.

Approaching the GRE Reading Comprehension

Approaching the GRE Reading Comprehension demands for a systematic approach and application of strategies like skimming and scanning. Furthermore using the right strategy will help you stay calm focused and will save time.

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Best Approach for GRE reading Comprehension

Use the skimming approach and identify the main idea, try and get to understand the general essence of the passage. You don’t have to remember every sentence in the  passage.

The Next step would be to read the questions carefully. Look for keywords in the passage that will give you an idea what the question is all about. Once you identify the keywords, you will have you answer around the keyword, always read three to four sentences before and after the keyword.

This is the most efficient way of get you answer in a faster and help you save time on the exam day.

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Key Points

The GRE reading Comprehension is to test you skills to recognize evidence in a passage and answer questions. The GRE passages will be of different variety of topics and will be compact.

You will have to face 20 reading Comprehension Question and always remember to skim the passage first.

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