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When a candidate starts the IELTS coaching Chennai – ScoreGetter, the most common question asked to day on the IELTS preparation in Chennai is, how long should I prepare on the IELTS? The answer to this question will change from person to person depending what IELTS score he/she is targeting and current level of English and so on.

Length of IELTS Preparation

I always recommend 6 to 10 weeks of preparation on the IELTS exam. Look into a IELTS Coaching in Chennai Center where you can focus on learning grammar, as without strong basics you will not be able to get the desired score on the IELTS even if your target is 6.5. Therefore joining an IELTS coaching center in Chennai becomes mandatory.
Once you have understood the basics well you need to start focussing focus on your reading speed, as IELTS is a time based examination and speed reading is a must.

IELTS Sections

Moving on you must start working on the writing skills as each section of the IELTS exam is different form the other and you must put time and effort in every section such as the reading, writing, listening and speaking and you must make sure that you have a good understanding of the above sections before you go ahead with the examination.

Importance of Grammar

Students from Chennai who have studied in English Language from their schooling are still very weak in the grammar hence they must start concentrating on the grammar and improve it before their IELTS preparation and Exam.

No of Hours of IELTS Practice

Remember that during the 10 weeks of IELTS preparation in Chennai you must put minimum 3 hours of practice every day. I suggest that after you have completed the 10 weeks preparation o the IELTS you must take up to 4 IELTS mock tests and discuss the test taking strategies with your IELTS trainer in Chennai and understand the IELTS exam strategies better and how to apply them on the IELTS exam day.

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