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This is the experience of the IELTS exam recently taken by ScoreGetter student.

Listening was not easy and was more on the tougher side. A diagram was given and was told to recognize directions on it. The not so difficult past was the archeological digging of some kind of bones. I found that to be rather easier.  The IELTS training in Chennai that I took with ScoreGetter helped me a lot to do well in the exam; The IELTS trainers gave me lots to tips and strategies and helped me achieve a band score of 8.

The reading section was easier that the listening one, and some extra time to at the end to have a check. 2 passages were longer than usual and were divided into sub sections and I had to be cautious not to mix questions of various sub sections and need to be very alert on it as the topic was distant learning and its benefits and shortcomings and the next passage was touring in Australia, the amount of money the Australian government makes from tourists, the different types of travellers that visit Australia and the amount they spend on holidays. Writing the answers directly on the answer sheet saves a lot of time and advice everyone to do to.

Writing; I was instructed to write a letter to a book reseller shop manager inquiring about a book that I wanted to have. I was done with this task in 16 minutes and used the time to check the remaining essays. The other topics were about the kids getting raised by their grans parents as parents are busy with work, does this affect the entire family.

Speaking: Remember always give the passport only when the examiner asks for it, as I made the mistake of giving it even before I was asked and the examiner returned it to me switched on the recorder and then asked for it again, so that it could record as the entire process.

Lastly: Word of thanks

I personally would like to thank ScoreGetter and their experts IELTS trainers for taking individual attention on my IELTS training. They helped me identify my weaknesses and gave me a lot of drills that helped me improve on all the weak areas and it resulted in a better IELTS score and bringing me closer to realizing my dreams.

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