My IELTS Exam Experience after completing the 30 days of ScoreGetter IELTS Training Chennai. Nungambakkam

Hello my dear friends my name is Amritha, here below I shall explain my IELTS preparation experience and the resources that I used to crack the exam.

The IELTS exam was done very well and I was very well prepared for this examination ScoreGetter training helped me a lot the trainers review committee guided me thoroughly to the whole process I was given excellent training while my training is going on as I had very less time to prepare they give me some extra classes and I was ready in 30 days’ time for the examination.


IELTS Training Chennai

IELTS training in Chennai

Cracking the Listening section of IELTS Exam.

To improve your listening skills you must work on the accent as there are only four accents used in the IELTS test that is Britain accent, American Accent, Australian Accent and Canadian Accent. The more you practice the better your listening will get. You must go through the BBC British Pod casts I highly recommend and the trainer at ScoreGetter to told me that I must do it.  Watching English sitcoms too will help a lot improve and you can do this at your free time. This practice will help you improve the listening sections and will get a good score on the IELTS Exam.

Tackling the READING Section of IELTS Examination

Initially I was a little slow in reading so I was told by the ScoreGetter trainer to read more on topics that interest me and so I started reading more on sports related articles online and this helped me in improving my reading speed. I did reading practice for 2 hours every day for 30 days and I saw significant improvements. The only difficulty I face was staring at the laptop for 2 hours every day so I purchased some sports magazine and started reading them as well. While reading you must learn the art of skimming the passage which I as thought at ScoreGetter IELTS tanning Chennai. You must understand the heading and the first and last sentence of the paragraph to get your answer at times you may have to read the entire passage too if you fail to understand.

Understanding the Writing Section on the IELTS Exam.

Writing section is the section that I hated the most and it was my nightmare and may be every ones too be it any task 1 or 2, my trainer at ScoreGetter told me to focus more on task 2 as it holds more points and the limit on the words is 250 as compared to the first task which has a lesser limit of 150 words. I was instructed to by my trainer at ScoreGetter to use 4 paragraph structure that is first paragraph will hold the introduction, followed by the second and third paragraph that consists of the body ad lastly is the conclusion where you will summarize the content of your essay. For the body the construction of the sentence must be good by expressing all your ideas elaborately and always use examples for making the reader understand what you are trying to say.

At ScoreGetter they gave me a compilation of 500 essays that I went through and leant a lot from it.

IELTS Speaking Section.

In the IELTS, speaking is where many students get the highest score. Here you have to speak the normal that you always do and don’t fake any accent, just have the right expressions on your face. The best way to practice is speak in from of the mirror and be as natural as possible, to speak well you need to read well and fast and reading and speaking go hand in hand, and doing idioms gives you an upper hand over the others. Get a quick look at the recent IELTS exam topics from websites.

My IELTS Exam Experience in Chennai

Initially I was very nervous when the exam started and started to stammer a bit as well. I became blank for about 10 to 15 seconds is this exam but very important to my career and life. I did some deep breathing and come down just help me to think better and do the exam well.

Before the exam date you must make sure that you get some good rest and always remember not to prepare at least a day before the exam and allow your mind to relax. Please carry is stationary with you even though they might provide you on the examination day it’s always better to carry some stationary as you would be confident that you have the stuff and you would be shot of anything. You are not allowed to carry your watch inside the examination hall so it’s better to make alternative at the venue, make sure that you have your passport with you the original not photocopy as if you take for puppy you will not be allowed to take the examination

Please make sure that you do not have it like how I did at the beginning of the examination maintain composure as this will help you fare better in the examination, after the exam got over I feel that if I had not enough I would have got a better score but nothing to complain I am very happy with this presents for that I have on the IELTS. A lot of credit goes to my trainer at ScoreGetter who instilled a lot of confidence in me as before joining them I thought that I would not get this for that I have today.

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