Every one of our teachers at ScoreGetter is driven by a passion for teaching.

Our Teaching Fraternity

The teachers at ScoreGetter are a diverse collection of people from varied backgrounds who all share two things in common an expertise on Standardized Tests and a passion for teaching.


At ScoreGetter your teachers are your mentors who will work with you right from the beginning till the exam day and help you in identifying your weak areas and strengthen them and this will improve your score as this process plays a vital role in achieving your dream score.

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Communication Skills

All teachers demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills. This translates to interesting and well-taught classes, which results better preparation and higher score.

Passion for Teaching

Every one of our teachers at ScoreGetter is driven by a passion for teaching. Teachers who are passionate about their work translate into involved teachers, and so with us, you are not just likely to get just an expert teacher; you also are likely to get yourself a teacher who takes interest in your progress and will give you crucial feedback.

Experts at Work

All teachers at ScoreGetter possess extensive knowledge and mastery of the different tests they teach. While some of them acquired this mastery by conquering these exams themselves before graduating from top institutions such as IIT & IIM nationally and University of San Francisco Internationally, others have acquired it while working in the standardized testing industry for almost a decade. Whoever your teacher is at ScoreGetter rest assured the person is an expert and you are in safe hands.

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GMAT Training with ScoreGetter Experts

ScoreGetter, among the GMAT test takers is regarded as one of the best GMAT training in Chennai. The course covers complete focus on all the topics covered on the GMAT exam. Detailed explanation on every question type that appears on the GMAT exam. Exclusive One to One doubt clearing sessions with greater focus on weaker areas. ScoreGetter offered a unique tool on the GMAT training in Chennai called the GMAT Question Bank. The GMAT Question bank consists over 3000 practice question with explanation that will sure help you correct all you mistake and will take your GMAT score to a greater level.

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