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Many of the colleges and universities in the United States consider the SAT Reasoning Test score for admission. The Test is managed by the College Board, while the questions are designed and prepared by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The SAT has, over the years, undergone a lot of revisions and the current SAT includes three sections, each earning a maximum score of 800 and a minimum score of 200. The final SAT score that a test-taker gets is the sum of the scores of all three sections plus a percentile

What are the three sections of the SAT?

The three sections of the SAT are
1. Math
2. Critical Reading
3. Writing
The entire exam takes about four hours.

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What is a good SAT score?

Since the scores from each section can range from 200 to 800, the best possible score is 2400. But that is quite difficult even for the best students to get. The average score for each section is about 500, which makes the average total score about 1500. Our assessment is that a score in excess of 2100, or an average section score of 700, may get you admission into most of the reputed colleges in the country.

How do you prepare for the SAT ?

The SAT tests students on math and verbal, especially basic grammar, reading and comprehension, writing, and mathematics.
Like other ETS exams, the SAT also expects students to have a good reading habit, knowledge of English grammar, and knowledge of math. Since the test is not computer-adaptive, students can answer easy questions first and then go on to the more difficult ones. A regular course schedule, an organized studying method, and a proper hold on subject specifics will ensure a good SAT score

Why Choose Score SAT Coaching in Chennai?

The phrase practice makes perfect” holds a great amount of truth for the SAT. You already know that practice improves your performance in sports, music, and academics. Practicing for the SAT is equally important and ensures that you will perform on your best on test day.

Our test professionals have designed courses to provide you with maximum exposure to the concepts that appear on the New SAT, access to the best possible instructors and classroom material, and the best support system to complement your studies. At ScoreGetter we know how dry and tedious standardized test preparation can be, so we have developed a unique program that will entertain, inspire, and ultimately help you master the SAT.

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Tips for New Sat Exam

Highly Qualified and Certified Instructors

All our instructors have vast experience which includes ex IIT-ians are knowledgeable professionals with extensive teaching experience. Since we maintain small class sizes, our trainers will get to know you and work to help you achieve the best score possible. Our  seasoned instructors will always concentrate and help in problem areas and improve weaknesses in a fun and exciting format. We only hire instructors who can patiently and effectively explain the ideas in our course.

ScoreGetter Course Material

Our SAT course material is latest and updated every year. The material is organized and engaging with emphasis on strategies to answer every point of test question and make the student more confident in his test taking abilities. By providing the best possible preparation we help you exceed your target score by leaps and bounds. Our focus is on helping students rather than on simply selling classes. This has contributed to our strong reputation of QUALITY

ScoreGetter Online Resources

We also provide plenty of test-taking practice and Real Test Experience. Seats in our air-conditioned computer section need not be booked weeks in advance. We understand the importance of allowing students to take tests at short notice and our faculty members are always at hand to help clarify the doubts that students encounter.


Our library is another attraction. All the latest editions of reference books and guides are made available to students. Students can use our library or take books home too.

Complete Flexibility

More than anything else, we understand the importance of timing and scheduling our classes in such a way that students are inconvenienced the least. We know that most of our students are either studying in far off colleges or working. Scheduling and timing of classes are done keeping these factors in mind. If, despite our best efforts, students miss out on a classroom session, we see to it that that class is made available at the earliest opportunity. Students can also request for additional sessions if they need extra help.

Thus, when you join ScoreGetter you are assured of quality help all the time from empathetic people.Among the SAT test takers ScoreGetter Test Prep , is regarded as one of the best SAT Coaching in Chennai.

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