Germany, a Preferred Educational Destination

Excellent University Network

Germany boasts of a top-notch university network system wherein hundreds of educational institutions in the country have tie-ups with the best colleges in the world. This invariably involves thousands of students travelling abroad for months together in order to complete their studies. German universities also go out of their way to accommodate international students who wish to pursue academics there.

Germany, as a World Leader

Germany has a unique position in the world. Historically, Germany has been a leader in many areas like trade, politics, academics, etc. Eventhough Germany is small in size, it is verily an economic super-power. The standard of life afforded to immigrants and foreign nationals is very attractive which makes Germany an ideal destination for students and workers.

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Employment Potential

German employees and graduates sell like hot cakes throughout the world. Thus MNCs literally queue up to offer employment to even fresh graduates because of the benefits of employing skilled technicians / graduates. It can therefore be definitely stated that students with German degrees will have the best employment options in the world.

German Educational System

Germany provides all students with firm basic education. The knowledge of all students stands enhanced due to German courses. Practical education also plays a firm part in a student’s academic life. Internships are an integral part of the curriculum and industry tie-ups are present for most German universities.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Germany lays a large focus on research and cutting-edge technology. All students without a bias can get a chance to work in the best industries using latest technology. German can literally be called the seat and hot-bed of state-of-art infrastructure facilities in the recent decades. Be it Robotics or Instrumentation or Nuclear Science, students can find innumerable courses in this country which teach them the latest in the field.

Cost of Education

A top-notch German degree will not cost a fortune. Most of the German institutes are funded or aided by the German government. Thus there is a very low or nearly nil tuition fee. Eleven out of the sixteen states in Germany charge NIL tuition fee. This leaves only the modest living expenses which have to be footed by the student.

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Quality of Education

German education and degrees are synonymous with quality. Germany is a land of ideas. Germany’s law makes sure that there is no bias on the basis of religion, sect, caste, creed or nationality. The quality of education is so high that Germany can boast of over a hundred Nobel laureates. German degrees guarantee practical knowledge and solid theoretical foundation making them arguably one of the best in the world.

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