TOEFL Exam Writing Section

TOEFL Writing Section and Tips

The TOEFL writing segment incorporates an integrated task and an independent task, which cooperate to test your capacity to impart through writing in a scholarly domain. The writing section comes last, and takes an hour to finish. Comprehending what is on the written work segment is vital. The incorporated composition task will expect you to peruse a section, tune in to an address, and after that compose a paper that utilization’s data from both sources. The independent task will be on a topic similar to the topics in speaking task #2—that is, it will request you use individual experience to clarify a sentiment you have.

TOEFL writing section

Tips to ace your TOEFL writing section

  • However, In the TOEFL Writing Section, the written work segment will incorporate one assessment question and one coordinated inquiry on a scholarly address and a perusing entry. Both points will intend to be suitable for an assortment of individuals. The independent task will require no social learning and will just expect encounter that everybody has, with an inclination to pick subjects suitable to understudies. It will request you show an inclination or pick which of two alternatives you support.


  • Summarize the points made in the lecture, being certain to clarify how they provide reason to feel ambiguous about particular points made in the reading passage.


  • Review the points made in the lecture, being certain to clarify how they challenge particular claims/contentions made in the reading passage. (The beginning 2 are the most popular; you will hear a lecture that diverges from the reading.)


  • Figure out how to condense the content in the integrated task.


  •  80% of independent essay contentions originate from individual experience, since it’s your own encounters that shape your suppositions. You can draw on your companions’ stories and your family, those things you have by and by done or seen. Individual experience contentions are valuable in questions that arrangement with instruction, bringing up kids, and general way of life.

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